Boxing is Being Revived by Three Letters: GGG

32 wins, 0 losses, 31 wins by way of knock-out. 19 consecutive fights ending by way of knock-out. This is the resume of the unstoppable force that is Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. It’s been said for a few years now how the sport was dying but Triple G, probably the most feared boxer since Mike Tyson, is keeping it alive and well.

When you first see Golovkin, you see a chiseled jam line, infectious smile and a seemingly down to earth nice guy. Once you step in the ring with him, it’s the polar opposite. His opponents can’t wait for the end-of-round bell to ring. His latest win against Martin Murray was the longest fight in his professional career and it was only 11 rounds ending in a TKO. He is the most feared boxer in the sport right now which is why he has struggled to score the biggest fights he could.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see how many times a year GGG fights. In today’s day and age, the top-tier boxers rarely fight more than twice a year. In 2013, when he was deemed “Fighter of the Year” by the readers of The Ring Magazine, he fought four times and this past year he fought three. He’s scheduled to fight for his second time in 2015 on May 16th against Willie Monroe, Jr., who he’ll most likely continue his KO streak in quick fashion.

Nobody wants to fight Golovkin. Good for anyone who does want to step in the ring with the machine himself. He showed in his latest fight against Martin Murray he has just as much technical skill as he does power. Besides his devastating power, he has a great jab combination and finally showed how strong that chiseled jawline in fight against Murray as he took the hardest blows of his career and they barely affected him.

Like everyone else, I would thoroughly enjoy a Golovkin versus Cotto fight, even though I don’t think Cotto would be able to handle GGG’s power and Cotto’s a hall-of-famer.┬áJulio Cesar Chavez, Jr. said he would be willing to bet one million dollars he would knock Golovkin out. Is Chavez delusional? Yeah, probably, but it’s still a fight the public would like to see.

After his upcoming fight with Monroe there will be tons of skepticism who will fight Triple G next. Nobody has the answer but at this point, Golovkin will fight anyone who approaches him to fight, anywhere his opponent wants to fight and will do it with a smile on his face. It’s time to recognize the 32-year-old as one of the faces of boxing now and going forward.