Are the Raptors heading towards a possible early Extinction this year?

Last week the Toronto Raptors made a move to acquire a solid veteran in Serge Ibaka from the Orlando Magic. This move was made shortly after it was announced that Cavs forward Kevin Love would miss an extended period of time. I made the reference during one of our recent podcasts that I believe that this showed that the Cavaliers appeared Vulnerable, and the Raptors understood this. While the Celtics and Danny Ainge sat around with their thumbs up their ass because they “haven’t seen the potential or their starting unit”, and clearly Jae Crowder is the second coming in their eyes, the Raptors pounced. Sure it wasn’t free, with a return package including Terrance Ross to the Magic, but it nonetheless showed that they were finally able to make a run for the east. Along with the Ibaka move they picked up veteran PJ Tucker from the Suns. Also a good move to ensure depth, adequate of a deep postseason run. Then today chaos erupted.

It was announced that All Star, Kyle Lowry, would miss what is likely the remainder of the season, and isn’t guaranteed ready for the beginning of the playoffs. While it’s not a death blow, this is absolutely negative news north of the border. Lowry was enjoying a fine year, Averaging almost 23 ppg, while shooting a clip of .417 from three (per Whether people want to admit shits about to get wonky or not, I have little reason to believe it won’t. Let’s just take a look at the options for his replacements. 

Internally the Raptors are looking at Cory Joseph,  and Delon Wright. Both fine contributors of the bench. But that’s just it. They’re not going to able to step in and replicate his performance. Those expectations are just way too lofty, especially with how well Lowry has handled this squad all year. Interesting enough there are two veteran floor generals , (maybe) on the Market. First the Obvious ex Mav, Deron Williams. And more recently ex New York Knick, Brandon Jennings. While some may say Williams would possibly give up signing with Cleveland at the chance for starting with Toronto, it seems unlikely. D-Will wants to win, and the Cavs present him the best opportunity, even with a reduced role. Jennings on the other hand is erratic, and while he certainly could log valuable minutes, lacks perimeter shooting abilities. This becomes problematic alongside Demar Derozan, whose perimeter game certainly wouldn’t be considered a strong suit.

Personally I think this is more than losing you’re starting Point Guard. You’re losing one of your leaders, as well as you’re best perimeter option, which is huge among today’s playoff teams. Not to mention he will have little to no time to build Chemistry with Ibaka and Tucker. While I’m not saying this will ultimately doom the Raptors, it will at the very least set them back handily.


What the fuck Deshaun Watson?

So I don’t know if any one out there caught the    surprising (fucking not),  words out of Deshaun Watsons mouth. Wanna take a guess what team he is begging to draft him? Yep it’s everyone’s favorite apparently. The Cowboys. 

What ever happened to these high ranking young talents liking one of the other fucking teams in this league. A couple weeks ago Myles Garrett, the consensus number one defensive player in this years draft also beg for the Cowboys to pick him. And laid out an elaborate strategy involving trading Tony Romo and some more bull shit.

This article isn’t meant to be informative. It’s just how come there can’t be one fucking top tier talent speak out and want to go somewhere in this draft other than fucking Dallas for Christ sake? Well have no fear I’m sure some fucking 6th round tackle out of Northwestern Eastern Carolina University of Alabama or some stupid shit like that would lop off his left nut for the opportunity to play for the Cleveland Browns. Fucking Woof. 
P.S. I hope Jerry Jones listens to one of these guys and gets rid of something valauble and fucks that entire franchise up. Seriously fuck that guy.  

Troy Polamalu has some free time for Hair Product now….

Today news broke that one of the most recognizable faces in the NFL had retired. Twelve year veteran, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has announced his retirement from the NFL. While I was expecting him to retire soon,  I wasn’t quite sure it would be this soon. Polamalu quickly became recognized as a force to be reckoned with, that just happened to have the type of hair that was perfect for shampoo commercials. While he gained much of his notoriety in his earlier stages of his career as a fearless safety who was never afraid to use his head, his play noticeably declined in the later years. While his skill became less and less noticeable (although he still showed flashes), we must not forget some of the factors that have cemented his NFL legacy, and his Pittsburgh Steelers legacy. Here are a few accomplishments of one of the NFL’s most recognizable faces of the past decade.

– 8 time NFL Pro Bowler

– 2 time Superbowl Champion (XL, XLIII)

– NFL Defensive Player of the Year (2010)

– 5 time All Pro

While these are just a few of his impressive statistics, this loss goes deeper than performance. Over the past years he has been a fearless leader on the field. His decision may have come as surprise to many fans, and while this may be the case he did what he felt was right. Polamalu spent 12 years in Pittsburgh, but his presence wont soon be forgotten. While the Troy Polamalu era has ended the time has come for the Steelers to find a new defensive leader is upon us.

The Newest Victim of Tommy John: Zack Wheeler

Today fans of the New York Mets received unfortunate news that they are all too familiar with. Just 18 months removed from their ace, Matt Harvey falling victim to what is becoming baseballs “epidemic”, another key piece to the franchises immediate success Zack Wheeler is likely to miss all of this season. After a shaky spring thus far, Wheeler had begun dealing with elbow discomfort. This morning news surfaced that the preliminary diagnosis is a torn UCL. He is currently flying back to New York to confirm.

One of the more crucial pieces of a talented young rotation that features ace Matt Harvey, and last years rookie of the year Jake deGrom, this certainly hurts the Met’s. Wheeler’s second half last season showed a lot of promise which adds insult to injury. There is some light that shines through for Mets fans though. Their franchise has been heavily criticized for not using their surplus of pitching to acquire more offensive pieces, most notably at the shortstop position.  Since they chose not to trade their pitching assets, they now have some options who may be able to step up and help ease the pain of losing Zack Wheeler. Lets take a look.

First off the most obvious, and in my opinion likely option, and Dillon Gee. After being the Mets opening day starter last season, he finds himself in a precarious situation. He was figured to come out of the bullpen for the team, but now he makes sense as a fifth man in the rotation, due to his experience. The second option is the one that would bring the most noise, that being stud prospect, Noah Syndergaard. The highly touted prospect has been regarded as one of the best pitching prospects in baseball but the Mets have been very cautious with him, as they have been waiting for exact right time to bring him up. The third and fourth options would be the young and talented Rafael Montero and Steven Matz. Montero is more likely to see the spot than the highly touted lefty prospect Matz, who has impressed in the minors specifically due to the fact he has been called up before.

The point of the matter is Tommy John is taking over baseball. Its becoming common place and unfortunately it doesn’t look like that is going change anytime soon. The most recent victim for the New York Mets, Zack Wheeler certainly hurts the teams chances of competing this year, but thanks to their depth at pitching its not the end of the world for a promising young organization.

Chip Kelly’s Newest Prize: DeMarco Murray

NFL Free Agency got underway at 4 PM on Tuesday of this week and it started off with a bang. No team in the NFL has had a free agency quite like that of the Philadelphia Eagles. The beginning of the former Oregon Ducks Coach’s reign as a GM started off with a few moves that sent shock waves around the league. The first move was trading superstar running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for promising young ILB, Kiko Alonso. This was just the beginning of a flurry of moves that Chip would make. Some of those other moves include cutting Trent Cole, Cary Williams, and longtime Guard Todd Herremans. He wasn’t done, the next wave of shocking moves came in the following days. The first of the two moves was letting Jeremy Maclin walk in free agency. The receiver will line up in Kansas City next year with his former head coach Andy Reid. Following this the Eagles performed a QB swap with the Rams, trading Nick Foles, while acquiring Sam Bradford.

Many of these moves left Eagles fans confused, and concerned. One of the largest questions, if not the largest looming over the head of the Eagles about 48 hours ago was “Who is going to replace Shady?”. The answer might surprise you. It seems as though Chip Kelly had a plan all along. Chip didn’t leave Eagles fans waiting long, he went out and got Ryan Mathews to agree to a 3 year/$12 million dollar deal. Surely you would assume with the addition of the hard running, yet oft hurt Ryan Mathews with the electric 2014 Pro Bowler Darren Sproles,as well as promising young Chris Polk, Chip Kelly has his backfield set. This is where Chip’s unpredictability hit an all time high. Even after Mathews had agreed to terms Kelly still had someone one his radar who also had mutual interest in reuniting with his former college QB. Enter reigning 2014 rushing champ: DeMarco Murray.

At first glance many, like myself figured this was something that would die off quickly. I mean why wouldn’t it? Chip had already gone out and acquired Mathews who many considered right behind Murray as the best free agent running back. Surely enough like most of my assumptions have gone with the unpredictable Philly off-season I was Wrong. Yesterday about mid day it was mentioned that talks between the Eagles and the former Cowboy had begun to gain traction. Later in the day I received a notification saying that DeMarco Murray would be flying to Philadelphia this morning with “intent to sign” (per Adam Schefter). The Eagles made magic happen this morning when DeMarco Murray agreed to a 5 year/ 42 Million dollar deal with 22 million guaranteed. Now lets take a look at why it happened, if it makes sense, and what the All Pro running back brings to the city of brotherly love.

Why it Happened:

The Cowboys had a choice to make following the season. The choice was whether they applied the franchise tag to their superstar RB at the time (DeMarco Murray), or their superstar receiver, Dez Bryant. The Cowboys went ahead did what most would do and slapped Dez with the franchise tag. This meant that if the Cowboys were to retain Murray they would have to negotiate a contract with the tailback. Once other teams found out about Murray as a free agent they were willing to open up their pocket books. The teams who ended up pursuing Murray were the Cowboys, Eagles, Raiders, and Jaguars. As time went on, it was brought down to the Cowboys, Eagles, and Raiders, with the Jags falling to the wayside. Ultimately it came down to the Eagles and the Cowboys, although the Raiders reportedly offered Murray the most money. The Cowboys offered 5 million per yer and held firm on this, which allowed the Eagles to up the bid to around 8 million annually, and steal the division rival off of Jerry Jones squad. Another major reason behind the signing of Murray was the constant texts/calls new Eagles acquisition Sam Bradford sent to get him to join. Oh yeah it probably helps that Murray and Bradford were teammates/room mates at Oklahoma, where they ran a similar offense. Makes sense.

Does it Make Sense:

When looking at if this move makes sense it all comes down to Chip Kelly. When the Eagles traded LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso they shed around 12 million dollars in cap space and acquired Alonso, a former Oregon Duck who if healthy, can be a star for years to come. With the addition of Murray for around 8 million annually, plus the addition of Alonso, and Mathews  the Eagles are right around the number it would have cost to pay McCoy. By himself. So in this aspect it makes sense. According to Chip his goal was to get two backs to replace Shady and sure enough he did. If you were to tell me 48 hours ago it would be DeMarco Murray along with Ryan Mathews, I would have laughed in your face. Kelly essentially pulled a 1 for 3 financially by trading away Shady, and acquiring Murray, Mathews, and Kiko Alonso. Smart. The Eagles now have what many would regard as the best backfield in the NFL with DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, and Darren Sproles. Murray and Mathews are considered number one options, and Sproles is more of a element of surprise back who still earned a Pro Bowl bid last season.

What Murray Brings:

On paper it looks pretty good. The reigning NFL rushing champion is coming off his best statistical year with 1,845 yards and 13 touchdowns. On top of this he had the seventh most touches ever in a season by a running back with 392 (per pro football reference.) Shady is absolutely and elite back, but so is Murray in a different way. While Shady is shifty, and more of an east to west runner, DeMarco is more up Chips alley as a North to South runner. Murray brings fresh look to a backfield that has hosted incredible running backs such as LeSean McCoy, and Brian Westbrook. One concern is that last season was the only season he has played all 16 games in his career, so he could be an injury concern. But when you consider the depth the Eagles now have at running back, him going down wouldn’t completely decimate their chances at all. Granted Murray is figured to get significantly less touches as he shares a backfield with Sproles, and Mathews, he will still be the primary back so there is nothing to fear Eagles Fans.

Chip Kelly has been all over the place this off-season. More “out of the air” moves have been made during by the Eagles recently than I can ever remember seeing. Chip has no problem dealing with big names, as he has traded/cut/let walk some of the most popular faces to wear midnight green in the last ten years. Today he showed that works both ways as he adds reigning rushing champ DeMarco Murray to an already impressive Eagles backfield, which has many Eagles fans second guessing whether they should have tweeted all those nasty things about him a couple of days ago. Hmmmmm.

NFL MVP Race Through 6 Weeks

Here we are through week 6 of the 2014 NFL Season. Some players have lead their teams to surprisingly good starts, while others have had the caliber season that you would expect. Through this point in the season here are the 5 players that are the most worthy to win the Most Valuable Player Award if the season were to end right now.

Demarco Murray

1. DeMarco Murray

Lesean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, and Matt Forte are three running backs you would expect to be sitting at the top of this list right now. One you might not expect to be up at the top is Cowboys tailback DeMarco Murray. Murray is off to a phenomenal start with 785 yards through six games. He is in elite company with Jim Brown as the only other running back with six straight 100 yard games through the six games. He is the primary reason that the Cowboys are the biggest surprise this year. Because of these factors he sits atop the list.

JJ Watt

2. JJ Watt

Its impossible to Deny that JJ Watt is the best defensive player in the NFL and possibly could be top 5 defensive player of all time. Through this point in the season the Texan’s lineman has 26 combined tackles, and 4 sacks. Alright that’s pretty good, but here is where he becomes mind blowing. Watt has 6 pass deflections which if you think about it could be 6 scores. DIFFERENCE MAKER is what comes to my mind with JJ Watt. Finally and most impressive is that he has three touchdowns. He has one fumble recovery for a TD, one offensive reception for a touchdown and most impressively an 80 yard interception for a touchdown. This a 290 pound defensive end with an arsenal unlike anyone else at this position, so for this JJ Watt comes in at number 2.

Philip Rivers

3. Philip Rivers

One of the NFL’s more pleasant surprises this season has been the San Diego Chargers. The main factor in the surge has been the play of QB Philip Rivers. Rivers currently leads the NFL in an astounding number of categories. These categories include completion percentage, yards per attempt, and passer rating. He also boasts a 15/2 Touchdown to Interception Ratio. Rivers also led the Chargers over the defending champion Seattle Seahawks and their “legion of boom defense”. Rivers has been a very pleasant surprise this year and for his impressive season thus far he gets the spot at number 3.


4. Andrew Luck

Since the day Andrew Luck has come into the league he has been in the MVP Discussion. They were 2-14 before Luck came into the League and ever since the have had consecutive ten win seasons. Along with this he has had an incredible amount of fourth quarter comebacks. This year is no exception to this impressive repertoire this season, Currently Luck leads the league in yards. Along with this he averages 331 yards per game which is good enough to also put him in the first. It’s terrifying to think about how much more room he has for improvement because he is pretty darn good already. Andrew Luck sits at number 4 on the MVP chase list thus far.


5. Aaron Rodgers

What can you say? Aaron Rodgers in the best QB in the NFL. He makes plays like no one else and also throws the prettiest back corner fade in the league. Rodgers comes in as the only player who has already taken the award, as well as the only player on the list with a Super Bowl Ring. He boasts the NFL’s best TD to INT ratio in football at 15 to 1. It probably helps that he has the current best receiver in the NFL in Jordy Nelson. Aaron Rodgers last three weeks have been phenomenal and for this he comes in at a modest number 5 in the MVP Race

New York Mets 2015 Primer

Well, the 2014 season is over for the Mets. It was a roller coaster ride of a year for the Mets, and another missed postseason.It is clear that there are a few things that need to be addressed in the off season. All of these hypothetical moves are what I believe would be the right step if the Amazin’s are actually serious about becoming a contender in 2015.

Coming into the 2014 season the Mets made a few moves in free agency in an attempt to boost the outfield. The first move was the signing of Chris Young. This move backfired and Young, who barely hit over .200 was designated for assignment during the season. The other move made last year was of course Curtis Granderson. Granderson who signed for 4 years/60 million dollars. Granderson came in this season and was more inconsistent than he had ever been. He hit .229 with 20 homeruns, which isn’t that great. There are three issues with Grandy. First of all he is wildly inconsistent, which is never good for a ballclub that is counting on his production. Secondly he doesn’t really have an ideal spot in the lineup. The 1 hole provided to much pressure, and he couldn’t get on base enough. Batting cleanup also seemed like a bad choice, which is what he was initially brought into this clubhouse for. Third, and finally the Mets are locked into his contract for three more years, so they better find a way to maximize his contributions.

Now looking ahead to 2015. Juan Lagares is the future in centerfield. He is one of the best defensively in the game and slowly but surely his offensive play is improving so hes not going anyway. As previously stated Granderson is locked in right field, which leaved a big gaping hole in Left. The Mets missed out big on Nelson Cruz, who ended up having a 40 homerun season in Baltimore. Mind you he only signed a deal worth 500k more than Chris Young who is no longer on the team. So if Cruz isn’t extended in Baltimore for the coming seasons take a shot. Certainly his price range will be higher but Sandy, you have to do something. Another option would be Melky Cabrera who had a fantastic season in 2014.

Now if free agency proves to be out of his price range you have to go to the trade market. Now with the emergence of a legitimate front line starter in Jacob deGrom, and the return of Matt Harvey, there is a surplus in pitching. Along with the hole in left field, there is also a hole at Shortstop. I beleive if Sandy Alderson addresses these wholes it will be via trade. In left field prime targets could range anywhere from Rockies oft-injured slugger Carlos Gonzalez to Newly Rejuvenated Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. Now if the price tags on these two are too high, then there are smaller targets such as Shane Victorino.

At Shortstop the Mets clearly need an upgrade. Reuben Tejada has been subpar and the im not too high on Wilmer Flores. The ideal option would be Rockies Superstar Troy Tulowitzki. So here is a hail mary attempt at something huge. Deal Dillon Gee,pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard and left field prospect Brandon Nimmo, and bring in Cargo and Tulo. Now realistically this is a very very long shot. But with the shortage in power and need for position upgrades, along with the Mets surplus in pitching, something needs to be done for them to be a legitimate condtender in 2015.

Remembering Tony Gwynn


Today while I was going on with my daily life I received some news that froze me in the middle of what I was doing. Hall of Fame outfielder Tony Gwynn passed away this morning at the age of 54 years of age after a long battle with cancer. Now this personally hit me pretty hard. Being born in 1992 Tony Gwynn is debatably the best hitter I have ever seen in my short lifetime. The list of accolades that Gwynn accomplished in his 20 year career with the Padres could go on for ever, but for time sake here are just a few.

Tony Gwynn was an Eight time batting champion in the National League. This is tied for the most of all time with the great Honus Wagner. He also led in hits for seven seasons, and this is only tied with Pete Rose. Gwynn was also a fifteen time Allstar in his twenty year career. As well as the stunning numbers with the bat Gwynn also wasn’t afraid to flash a little bit of leather. Gwynn had 5 gold glove awards in his career as well. Although all of these accomplishments are nothing shy of spectacular “Mr. Padre” had 19 consecutive seasons of hitting above a .300 average. This one stands out to me especially when I was younger watching his games I never knew how significant this was. I would be very surprised to see a man hit above .300 for 19 straight seasons in my lifetime again. Another part of this incredible feat was his 1994 season in which he hit .394, which was the highest in the National League since 1930. That same season there was a strike so he possibly could have been above .400. All of these feat led him to a career .338 batting average as well membership to baseballs sacred 3,000 hit club. He finished his career with 3,141 hits. Gwynn was rewarded for his career with a first ballot election to the baseball Hall of Fame in 2007. His %97.6 voting it best for seventh all time in baseball history.


Gwynn had an impact on the field, but his impact off the field was also huge. So huge that there is a statue outside of the Petco Park fence of Gwynn. As well as being an impact figure on his children’s life, he also spent part of his post playing career as the San Diego State University baseball coach. Along with this he got to spend time watching his son Tony Gwynn Jr., who is currently a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.


Most people remember Tony Gwynn for his feats on the field, but closer friends remember him for his smile and infectious laugh. He was loved on and off the field by all, and friends such as teammate Joe Carter said it would he hard to say anything bad about him. Baseball lost a true icon today in “Mr. Padre.”, Tony Gwynn.

Proof the Baltimore Orioles struck free agent gold

nelson cruz 2

In late 2013 the Biogenesis Scandal shook the baseball world. Players such as Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and Johnny Peralta all were connected and suspended. Another player involved with a unique case heading into the 2014 season was the Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz. His case was unique along with Johnny Peralta’s due to the fact that both were set to become free agents at years end. Most expected the scandal to put a damper on the amount of money each would be making in free agency and this was the case for one of the two.

Nelson Cruz

Shortly after free agency for the MLB Peralta signed a large contract worth 53 million dollars over 4 years with the reigning National League champs the St. Louis Cardinals. Now the question was of Cruz’s landing spot. Originally Cruz was looking for a deal in the 4 year 60 million dollar range. It soon became evident that this was not going to be the case. Time passed and still no one was biting on signing Cruz. Finally the Baltimore Orioles stepped up and got the steal of free agent period. Cruz agreed to a deal with Baltimore worth 8 million dollars over just one year.

Enter the 2014 season. Nelson Cruz has been one of the most dominant hitters in baseball thus far. We are now just passed the one quarter point in the 2014 season and already Cruz is on track for a record year. So far Nelly has a .285 batting average, and 14 homeruns. Now if you take his All-Star teammates Adam Jones, Chris Davis, Manny Machado, and JJ Hardy and combine all of their homeruns it adds up to 13. Along with this his 14 homeruns is second only to the White Sox rookie slugger Jose Abreu. Cruz has provided a spark in this offense for almost no cost to Baltimore when you look at the size of MLB contracts.

If Cruz keeps up with his progress thus far it is projected that he will hit 50 homeruns and have 150 RBI’s (per With the competitiveness of the American League East, especially thus far this year the O’s signing of Cruz could prove extremely crucial to their success in the long run this season. Without a doubt Nelson Cruz was the MLB’s free agent bargain of the offseason.


The 2014 Philadelphia Draft in review

First Round, Number 26 overall – Marcus Smith, Outside Linebacker, Louisville

Not going to lie, as an Eagles fan at this point in the draft I expected a receiver like Florida States Kelvin Benjamin, or USC’s Marquise Lee. But i was sadly mistaken when I heard Marcus Smith’s name called. Now this was not a name that came up frequently in anyone’s mock draft so i hadn’t looked into it too much. After looking into it Smith will be a much needed upgrade from Brandon Graham. With 14.5 sacks last year he tied for second among NCAA ranks. Seeing as how it was completely necessary we addressed the pass rush, and that UCLA’s Anthony Barr wasn’t available, the pick of Marcus Smith should prove to be an intelligent move.

Second Round, Number 42 overall (by trade) – Jordan Matthews, Wide Receiver, Vanderbuilt

I was very happy with this pick. I expect Matthews to come in and make an immediate impact. Before you even make an assumption, no im not saying that he will replace Desean Jackson but he will impact them in a different way. Matthews has size, as well as excellent hands. Right now Chip Kelly says he will be in the slot where he could easily become effective. While Matthews might not be able to stretch the defense like Desean Jackson, Darren Sproles one of the the newest acquisitions will help in that department significantly.

Third Round, Number 86 overall – Josh Huff, Wide Receiver, Oregon

Okay now this one had me a little baffled. The receiving core that was pretty diminished before the free agency period started, filled up quick. After the free agency period the birds had Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper fresh off new contracts.Daren Sproles and Zach Ertz who also have the capability of lining up wide became a topic of conversation. Then in the second round enter Jordan Matthews a big physical receiver out of Vanderbuilt. So my question is why was this the choice with other needs that needed to be addressed? The only upsides are he already has chemistry with coach Chip Kelly, and that he will have the offense pretty much down already.

Fourth Round. Number 101 overall – Jaylen Watkins, Corner Back, Florida

I like this pick. A lot. Granted he doesn’t have the immediate buzz that his half-brother Sammy Watkins does, but don’t count him out. He is a very versatile option in the Eagles secondary. He has speed and the ability to play the safety position if needed. Looking at the Eagles secondary you need to see that their are no locks. Watkins might end up getting moved back and forth from corner to safety and it would be surprising. Coach Kelly Loves this pick and says that Jaylen Watkins is someone with an extremely high football IQ.

Fifth Round. Number 141 overall – Taylor Hart. Defensive End, Oregon

I also enjoy this pick. This former Oregon Duck is what i believe is a potential steal. He is a physical player who brings everything he has to every snap. Hart has familiarity with Jerry Azzinaro the defensive line coach as well as college head coach, Chip Kelly which is an excellent start. In the coming years do not be surprised if you see Taylor Hart become an effective defensive end in the NFL under the reigns of Chip Kelly.

Sixth Round Number 162 overall – Ed Reynolds, Safety, Stanford

After picking up Malcolm Jenkins from free agency in the off season the Eagles seemed to making steps in the right direction. Malcolm Jenkins came in and will immediately fill a starting spot in the upcoming season. After Jenkins there is a good chance the Earl Wolff, or the somewhat resurgent Nate Allen.will fill the second position. Now if one of these safeties doesn’t work out don’t be surprised if you see Ed Reynolds make his way into the rotation. He is the most physical safety that has been in the organization since Brian Dawkins. Now that might be an opinion, but Reynolds is not afraid to attack the run and use being physical to his advantage.

Seventh Round 224 overall – Beau Allen, Nose Tackle, Wisconsin

The Eagles added some serious needed size at nose tackle. Beau Allen stands at 6-2, 323 pounds and is an absolute run stuffer. Over his collegiate career he racked up 94 tackles, 15 of which were for a loss. On top of that he racked up 8 sacks. He adds an excellent option to switch on and off with Bennie Logan if they choose to attack the run. To wrap up the draft, Allen adds excellent versatility to the Eagles nose tackle position.