What the fuck Deshaun Watson?

So I don’t know if any one out there caught the    surprising (fucking not),  words out of Deshaun Watsons mouth. Wanna take a guess what team he is begging to draft him? Yep it’s everyone’s favorite apparently. The Cowboys. 

What ever happened to these high ranking young talents liking one of the other fucking teams in this league. A couple weeks ago Myles Garrett, the consensus number one defensive player in this years draft also beg for the Cowboys to pick him. And laid out an elaborate strategy involving trading Tony Romo and some more bull shit.

This article isn’t meant to be informative. It’s just how come there can’t be one fucking top tier talent speak out and want to go somewhere in this draft other than fucking Dallas for Christ sake? Well have no fear I’m sure some fucking 6th round tackle out of Northwestern Eastern Carolina University of Alabama or some stupid shit like that would lop off his left nut for the opportunity to play for the Cleveland Browns. Fucking Woof. 
P.S. I hope Jerry Jones listens to one of these guys and gets rid of something valauble and fucks that entire franchise up. Seriously fuck that guy.  


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