Gennady Golovkin; The Modern Day Mike Tyson

Other than the loud mouth personality, owning a tiger – from what I know Golovkin has not yet purchased one – and a face tattoo, what’s the difference between Gennady Golovkin and Mike Tyson? Both are, were for Tyson, quite the physical specimens with monster power and the unique ability to bring fear upon their opponents who have others punch them for a living.

Looking at both fighters bodies of work they are eerily similar. After his two-round dismantling of Dominic Wade, Gennady Golovkin now rests with a professional record of 35-0, 32 wins by the way of knockout. Through 35 fights in Tyson’s career, he 35-0, 31 wins by knockout.

In similar ways, both are cocky and will fight and in Tyson’s case did fight anyone that is and was willing to step up to bat. Golovkin’s cockiness has been a recent fad. The thing about it is, he knows he’s what’s in in boxing right now, just like Tyson knew when he was running the show. Just an example of GGG’s in ring cockiness came when he dropped his hands and motioned for Wade to throw punches at him.

Now look, things are obviously different. Tyson fought in the heavyweight division while Golovkin is just a middleweight. That said, Golovkin’s power is similar to that of Tyson just in a smaller body. The scary part is that Triple-G isn’t just a power puncher. He arguably has the best jab in the entire sport. Golovkin can adjust from stalker and strict power puncher to combinations of jabs to set his big shots up.

Golovkin’s resume has so much room to gr

ow as he begins to face bigger and bigger names. He’s been ready for these names but the only problem has been the big names have shied away from fighting him. Triple-G’s recent fight drew north of 1.3 million views. There are no more excuses for the biggest names in the sport to fight Golovkin. Golovkin, like Tyson, is about to be a pay-per-view star and rule the boxing world. We can only hope GGG doesn’t bite a piece of someones ear off.


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