The Fight Pacquiao Should Have Chosen

Manny Pacquiao is saying he will fight one more time, unless Floyd Mayweather will give him a rematch. Until Pacquiao wakes up and realizes Floyd seems satisfied with retirement, his last fight will come on April 9th.

That final fight will come against Timothy Bradley. The two have already fought twice during their careers, each winning once. Bradley’s win was one of the more controversial decisions in boxing history. There were honestly only one or two rounds you could have scored in Bradley’s favor, but even then, those rounds could have been won by Pacquiao which would have scored him each and every round.

Bradley may have been the best pay-per-view draw, but he wasn’t the best fight Pacquiao could have chosen. Especially if it’s Pacman’s last bout. It would have been great to see him challenge himself. Both Bradley fights have been relatively easy, the first one as I mentioned was so wrongly judged.

The opponent Pacquiao should have selected is Terence “Bud” Crawford. Crawford is one of the best young boxers in the game. A lot of boxers seemingly get a lot of hype swirling around their names and never live up to it. Crawford isn’t like those guys. The 28-year old is the current WBO junior welterweight champion.

Crawford can do anything in the ring. He can even switch to a southpaw stance, which is something not many boxers can do. Having to prepare for a righty and a lefty at the same time is something not many trainers help their fighters train for. Bud is 27-0 with 19 victories coming by way of knock-out. As of December 2nd, Crawford in number nine on ESPN’s pound-for-pound list, Pacquiao’s three.

Bradley is much more known than Crawford to the casual fan. Bradley has notable wins against Pacman himself, Ruslan Provodnikov, Juan Manual Marquez, and Brandon Rios. Crawford’s two biggest wins are against Yuriokis Gamboa and Dierry Jean, two guys not many casual boxing fans would know.

This fight would have been a dream come true for the both of them. Both are fantastic technicians that love putting on a show for the crowd. Bradley doesn’t have the power to hurt Pac like Crawford does and we’re going to miss out on that greatly. The last two fights we’re going to remember Manny Pacquaio by are both likely snoozers.


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