Baseball’s Future is in Good Hands

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Our national past-time has been trending downwards for a few years now. Ever since baseball cracked down on all things PED’s, things simply haven’t been the same. For better or for worse, all we can do as fans is hope that it can gain some momentum and pick back up to where it once was, the best sport around. Thanks to all of the young talent being drafted and groomed for the big leagues, it is once again on its way to the promise land.

Pitching has dominated the game since PED’s were almost completely rid from the game. Sure there are players that are still getting away with it, for how long we’ll have to wait to find out, but there are offensive reinforcements on the way. As of matter of fact, most of them have arrived to the show already over the past few seasons, and especially this year. Everyone knows the likes of Trout, Harper, Goldschmidt, Stanton, etc. the ones who seem poised to provide offense we haven’t seen in a while but how about all of the guys that have been called up just this year. 7 of the top 10 prospects, according to MLB Network’s preseason rankings, have been called up this year and it’s only June! Not only have they been called up, they’re making big splashes. The number two, one too many, Kris Bryant has burst onto the scene and is second on the Cubs in RBI with 32 and has a .404 OBP. The number 13 prospect Joc Pederson has hit 17 home-runs, and they aren’t just getting over the wall, they’re absolute bombs.

Just using two examples of these future stars doesn’t do it justice. Carlos Correa, the Astros number one prospect, looks like a young Alex Rodriguez at SS and we all know he’s been pretty successful on the field. Joey Gallo has hit four home-runs since being called up a couple of weeks ago and each one has been more towering and majestic than the last. The way these guys are tearing it up, they’re turning into must see television, like baseball was when McGuire and Sosa were battling for the home-run title and when Bonds was hitting home-run after home-run and eventually breaking the single-season mark.

I feel bad I’m only touching on the young position players because there are a ton of young arms that have and will be blazing the stage shortly, but the way baseball gets the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up is normally by runs scored. These young, talented, four and five-tooled players seemed destined to do that and more.


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