MLB Preseason Awards


Bryce Harper

This is the year the 22 year old, 2 time all-star breaks out and shows everyone why he was the most coveted prospect in however many years, maybe ever. Bryce has been saddled by injuries throughout the first three years of his career but the time is now for Washington and they need Harper to perform at his number one draft pick potential. He’s bulked up and has hit some tape-measure home-runs this spring. Washington lost their reliable, super productive, first baseman in Adam LaRoche to free agency, which also means Bryce will be put right in the middle of the Nats lineup and need to pick up the production that LaRoche gave them before he left.


  • Games Played: 150
  • Average: .315
  • Hits: 195
  • Home-Runs: 30-35
  • Runs Batted In: 115-120
  • Runs Scored: 112
  • Stolen Bases: 15

NL Cy Young

Clayton Kershaw

It’s hard to bet against a guy who was an R.A. Dickey career year away from going for the Cy Young five peat this year. But three out of the last four ain’t too shabby, either. He seems to be getting better with each passing year as his 26 year old season saw him win a Cy Young and the National League MVP award. The Dodgers, who aren’t shy with their spending, went out and improved at spots they felt it were necessary to improve to help them win a World Championship.


  • Starts: 33
  • Innings: 225
  • W/L: 19-5
  • ERA: 1.96
  • WHIP: 0.98
  • K/BB: 245/58

NL Rookie of the Year

Kris Bryant

The buzz around this kid is insane, and it’s one hundred percent real. Bryant, who entered this spring as the number one prospect in baseball, and shined from day one. He hit over .400, hit an incredible 9 home-runs, and drove in 15 runs. Due to specific reasons that allow the Cubs control over Bryant for an additional year, he will begin 2015 in the minor leagues. Don’t expect him to be in the minors a day after the Cubbies seize control over him for that year because he will be plugged right into the middle of that Chicago lineup as soon as he’s called up.


  • Games Played: 135
  • Batting Average: .285
  • Hits: 150
  • Home-Runs: 26
  • RBI’s: 78
  • Runs: 75
  • Stolen Bases: 8


Mike Trout

Mike Trout’s career has been so weird and so great so far. His best two seasons, his first two full seasons, he finished second in the MVP. One of those seasons he hit 30 HR’s, had a .400 OBP, and stole 49 bases. The other, he drove in 97 RBI, walked 110 times, and had a .432 OBP. His worst season, his 2014 campaign, he hit under .300 (.287), struck out more than anyone else in the AL (184 times), and he stolen base total was literally cut in half. That being said, Trouty is the new face of baseball. He has said he will be stealing more bases going forward, which is an indication he’s going to be looking for more contact and less strikeouts. Trout should never have less than 30 stolen bases with the speed he possesses. You normally see a transition from speed to power later on in player’s careers, Trout is starting that trend too early. I expect the stolen base total to rise, all while the power numbers continue to be elite.


  • Games Played: 155
  • Batting Average: .307
  • Hits: 204
  • Home-Runs: 33
  • RBI’s: 106
  • Runs: 119
  • Stolen Bases: 34

AL Cy Young

David Price

Here is my semi-sleeper of the bunch. Price is an ex-Cy winner, but the obvious picks here are Kluber, Hernandez and Sale. Price struck out an unprecedented 271 batters last year and I say unprecedented because of today’s day and age of pitch counts, amount of innings people throw these days amongst some other reasons. Price is now the clear ace of Detroit’s staff with Scherzer gone and with Verlander regressing the past two seasons. If Detroit wants to pose a threat in the division and in further down the road in the playoffs, they need Cy Young David Price and I believe that’s exactly who they’re going to get.


  • Starts: 34
  • Innings: 250
  • W/L: 17-5
  • ERA: 2.40
  • WHIP: 1.07
  • K/BB: 275/40

AL Rookie of the Year

Rusney Castillo

Rusney isn’t your typical, 22 year old that has spent the last few seasons in the minors. The Cuban defector is 27. But being his first year in the majors, he’s considered a rookie, following in the foot-steps of last year’s winner, Jose Abreu. Rusney will start in CF for Boston and has a great combination of power and speed. Expect him to head the American League rookies for most of the season.

  • Games Played: 140
  • Batting Average: .279
  • Hits: 165
  • Home-Runs: 21
  • RBI: 70
  • Runs: 95
  • Stolen Bases: 20

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