Why Cole Hamels Makes Sense For The Yankees

Anytime any team has the chance to get a number one option that could put them over the top, the idea should at the very least be entertained. The idea of getting Cole Hamels should be more than entertained, it should be seriously considered.

Cole Hamels is a number one starter and that is apparent. He’s an iron-man starting at least 28 games since 2007 and the notion that he’s slowing down is, well, wrong. He had the best ERA of his career last season at 2.46. He was 16th in FIP, 21st in innings pitched, 18th in WAR, which classifies him as an ace on 12-14 teams. 

Hamels would be inserted in between Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda and they would instantly become one of the best top three starters in baseball. You’ve got to think if Cole was secured by the Yankees they’d be one of the clear favorites in the American League East. New York would have the two, arguably three best starters in the division to go along with their shut-down bullpen and stout defense. It’s been proven the past couple of seasons you don’t need an overpowering lineup to win a division and make a run at the World Series. 

The only thing standing in the way of all of this happening, is the Yanks giving away members that are absolutely going to be big parts of their future. Big names like Severino, Bird, Judge, and Sanchez will most likely be attached to the trade rumors. Would it be worth giving up a number of young prospects for a 31 year old starter?

Yes it would. Hamels, like I previously mentioned, had the best ERA of his career at 30. He’s not a power-pitcher throwing pitches that are very stressful on the arm. He still has three years on his deal for around $75 MIL with a team option for a fourth. He’s a lot cheaper than Max Scherzer would have been at nearly the same age and has actually been successful for longer than Mad Max. 

As a final thought, Hamels has been a great pitcher in the postseason. His 7-4 career record in 11 postseason starts is impressive. His 3.09 ERA and 1.053 postseason WHIP is even better looking. What else do you need? Durability, regular season success, postseason success and still in the midst of his prime. Cole Hamels landing in New York simply makes sense.


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