Eagles And Bills Did Some Business Together: Who Was The Winner?

We’ve brought in @zach_mason33 as a contributor on this piece as to who we think was the winner and who was the loser. Thanks Zach for offering your opinion on the matter.

 @Zach_Mason33: Winner – 1 BUFFALO

As you have heard by now the Eagles or should I say head coach Chip Kelly has come to an agreement to send LeSean “Shady” McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for the third-year linebacker Kiko Alonso who may I mention missed his entire sophomore season with an ACL tear, the second in his football career.

Some may see this trade as pointless or Coach Kelly just trying to get Oregon players to Philadelphia and you may be correct. Look, this trade will pay off in the long run for Kelly and the Eagles. Coach Kelly is inserting players in his system that know what they are doing as we can all see the Eagles roster now consist of nine players that played for Chip Kelly during his tenure at Oregon. Now you may be asking why trade Shady McCoy? Why not is the real question. In Chip Kelly’s system, a running back isn’t entirely “important.” What he mainly needs is a mobile quarterback and quick wide-outs. The Eagles are trying to solidify that defense, which is ideal if the Eagles want to make a serious run towards the Super Bowl. Getting a player like Alonso who is a young stud on defense was key it was a necessary move because of the recent departure of two time pro-bowl outside linebacker Trent Cole, so landing like Alonso will fill a huge void.

Shady on the other hand is not too happy about the trade and he has played his entire football career in Pennsylvania; played at the University of Pittsburgh prior to being drafted by the Eagles. As we can imagine he is distraught but its something that he shouldn’t take to heart. The NFL is a business as much as it is a game and all Shady can do is bring his talents to Buffalo and show Philly what they are missing. He needs to use this as motivation not a reason to stop working.

In the end I believe that the Buffalo Bills got the better end of this trade they get a reliable force on the offensive side of the ball, that is much needed. while the Philadelphia Eagles get a linebacker that is trying to come back from yet another ACL injury.

@The_Real_Grande: Winner – 1 EAGLES

So losing a 26 year old that has over 3,500 total yards in the past two seasons isn’t ideal. That being said, it doesn’t hurt that you save around $9 MIL in cap space and get one of the brightest young linebackers in the game.

Yes, Kiko is coming off his second career ACL tear, but these days with the help of surgery, players seems to come back stronger after it’s torn. He had 159 tackles, 4 picks and 2 sacks all during his rookie year. The Eagles released a lot of old faces on their defense and are seemingly going to spend all the money they have in cap room on the defensive end. We know Chip’s offense will successful no matter the personnel, exactly why stocking up on the opposite side of the ball seems like the best plan to get to the championship for Philly.

There are a handful of guys Philly can look into signing. My personal opinion would be Justin Forsett. He ran the spread running attack in Baltimore just last year so he wouldn’t have to change schemes at all. Losing Shady could really help Philly address other needs that need to be addressed after missing the postseason in 2013-2014.

At the end of the day, you can argue Philly lost their best player but they nabbed an elite-talent linebacker and opened up a ton of cap space they can use to acquire pieces they need, as I’ve mentioned. If you’re a Philly fan, there is nothing else you can do other then to trust in what Chip Kelly is doing for he future of the organization.

Who do YOU think will be the winner of this trade, long term?


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