The Tag Dez Should Have Never Received

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The game that we have all come to know and love has become a business as much as it is a game. The largest, most lucrative deals are being handed out to athletes all around the sporting universe. But, as the deadline was approaching on Monday afternoon for all franchises to place franchise tags on a certain unrestricted free agent they had, Dez Bryant was one of the players who was placed with the tag. Dez is the best player on Dallas’ roster and he should have been paid as such.

The 26 year old could quite possibly be the best wide-out in football going forward. He’s coming off a monster season which saw him lead in touchdowns (16), and top-ten finishes in yards, first downs, yards per game, etc. He’s improved his touchdown total each of his first five seasons and it’s clear it’s completely the opposite in regards to all the off-the-field stuff that came with Dez when he first arrived in Dallas.

Franchising Dez was the wrong decision. Regardless of this one year deal, someone is going to hand Bryant a blank check for him to fill out himself. Something Dallas should have absolutely done. Sure he’ll be playing for almost $13 MIL in 2015-2016, $12.82 MIL to be exact, but real incentive will he be playing with? How many balls over the middle will Dez lay out for as he has in the past? Why risk injury when a contract offer as massive as Calvin Johnson got could be on the way. Like DeSean Jackson and Randy Moss before him, risking injury after being smacked with the franchise tag is doubtful.

Dealing with the petty sideline rants and comments X makes, he’s a guy Tony Romo would like to see smiling. How certain can we be Dez is happy with not getting a contract he and everyone else knows he deserves. Sure Dez got paid. $13 Mil for one season is no joke. But he should have a long-term extension and if Jerry World doesn’t address that after this off-season it’s going to be a mistake he and the organization are going to regret for a long time. Bank on it.


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