Facets Player(s) of the Night: The Dallas Cowboys


“America’s team” is headed to the playoffs thanks to a DOMINATING performance against a playoff bound Colts team. Offense, defense, special teams, Dallas practically played a flawless game.

Tony Romo pitched a perfect game throwing four touchdowns and only having two incompletions. A personal record fifteen straight completions in the midst of all of it had the Dallas offense looking like it wasn’t playing against a defense.

The running game didn’t pick up many yards per carry, but it still ended up having a 127 yard afternoon. DeMarco Murray stomached much of the burden and didn’t find much room to run, but still squeezed a touchdown out of the day, helping out fantasy owners across the globe.

Four different receivers caught a touchdown pass. Terrance Williams caught two of them, one from Brandon Weeden’s only pass attempt of the afternoon. Dez threw up the ‘X’ for a career best fourteenth time this season, which happens to lead the league, also.

The biggest story, might have been the Cowboys defense. I would, however, like to point out even the best QB’s in the world struggle without their deep-threat wide outs. Like everyone knows, that deep threat that was absent would be T.Y. Hilton. But let’s get back to the unit that allowed a mere ONE rushing yard, picked off Andrew Luck twice during the worst game of his professional career.

Dallas is headed to the playoffs, after three consecutive 8-8 seasons. They’re a completely different team than they have been the past few seasons. They’re complete and don’t act surprised if they make a run in the postseason.


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