NFL MVP Race Through 6 Weeks

Here we are through week 6 of the 2014 NFL Season. Some players have lead their teams to surprisingly good starts, while others have had the caliber season that you would expect. Through this point in the season here are the 5 players that are the most worthy to win the Most Valuable Player Award if the season were to end right now.

Demarco Murray

1. DeMarco Murray

Lesean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, and Matt Forte are three running backs you would expect to be sitting at the top of this list right now. One you might not expect to be up at the top is Cowboys tailback DeMarco Murray. Murray is off to a phenomenal start with 785 yards through six games. He is in elite company with Jim Brown as the only other running back with six straight 100 yard games through the six games. He is the primary reason that the Cowboys are the biggest surprise this year. Because of these factors he sits atop the list.

JJ Watt

2. JJ Watt

Its impossible to Deny that JJ Watt is the best defensive player in the NFL and possibly could be top 5 defensive player of all time. Through this point in the season the Texan’s lineman has 26 combined tackles, and 4 sacks. Alright that’s pretty good, but here is where he becomes mind blowing. Watt has 6 pass deflections which if you think about it could be 6 scores. DIFFERENCE MAKER is what comes to my mind with JJ Watt. Finally and most impressive is that he has three touchdowns. He has one fumble recovery for a TD, one offensive reception for a touchdown and most impressively an 80 yard interception for a touchdown. This a 290 pound defensive end with an arsenal unlike anyone else at this position, so for this JJ Watt comes in at number 2.

Philip Rivers

3. Philip Rivers

One of the NFL’s more pleasant surprises this season has been the San Diego Chargers. The main factor in the surge has been the play of QB Philip Rivers. Rivers currently leads the NFL in an astounding number of categories. These categories include completion percentage, yards per attempt, and passer rating. He also boasts a 15/2 Touchdown to Interception Ratio. Rivers also led the Chargers over the defending champion Seattle Seahawks and their “legion of boom defense”. Rivers has been a very pleasant surprise this year and for his impressive season thus far he gets the spot at number 3.


4. Andrew Luck

Since the day Andrew Luck has come into the league he has been in the MVP Discussion. They were 2-14 before Luck came into the League and ever since the have had consecutive ten win seasons. Along with this he has had an incredible amount of fourth quarter comebacks. This year is no exception to this impressive repertoire this season, Currently Luck leads the league in yards. Along with this he averages 331 yards per game which is good enough to also put him in the first. It’s terrifying to think about how much more room he has for improvement because he is pretty darn good already. Andrew Luck sits at number 4 on the MVP chase list thus far.


5. Aaron Rodgers

What can you say? Aaron Rodgers in the best QB in the NFL. He makes plays like no one else and also throws the prettiest back corner fade in the league. Rodgers comes in as the only player who has already taken the award, as well as the only player on the list with a Super Bowl Ring. He boasts the NFL’s best TD to INT ratio in football at 15 to 1. It probably helps that he has the current best receiver in the NFL in Jordy Nelson. Aaron Rodgers last three weeks have been phenomenal and for this he comes in at a modest number 5 in the MVP Race


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