New York Mets 2015 Primer

Well, the 2014 season is over for the Mets. It was a roller coaster ride of a year for the Mets, and another missed postseason.It is clear that there are a few things that need to be addressed in the off season. All of these hypothetical moves are what I believe would be the right step if the Amazin’s are actually serious about becoming a contender in 2015.

Coming into the 2014 season the Mets made a few moves in free agency in an attempt to boost the outfield. The first move was the signing of Chris Young. This move backfired and Young, who barely hit over .200 was designated for assignment during the season. The other move made last year was of course Curtis Granderson. Granderson who signed for 4 years/60 million dollars. Granderson came in this season and was more inconsistent than he had ever been. He hit .229 with 20 homeruns, which isn’t that great. There are three issues with Grandy. First of all he is wildly inconsistent, which is never good for a ballclub that is counting on his production. Secondly he doesn’t really have an ideal spot in the lineup. The 1 hole provided to much pressure, and he couldn’t get on base enough. Batting cleanup also seemed like a bad choice, which is what he was initially brought into this clubhouse for. Third, and finally the Mets are locked into his contract for three more years, so they better find a way to maximize his contributions.

Now looking ahead to 2015. Juan Lagares is the future in centerfield. He is one of the best defensively in the game and slowly but surely his offensive play is improving so hes not going anyway. As previously stated Granderson is locked in right field, which leaved a big gaping hole in Left. The Mets missed out big on Nelson Cruz, who ended up having a 40 homerun season in Baltimore. Mind you he only signed a deal worth 500k more than Chris Young who is no longer on the team. So if Cruz isn’t extended in Baltimore for the coming seasons take a shot. Certainly his price range will be higher but Sandy, you have to do something. Another option would be Melky Cabrera who had a fantastic season in 2014.

Now if free agency proves to be out of his price range you have to go to the trade market. Now with the emergence of a legitimate front line starter in Jacob deGrom, and the return of Matt Harvey, there is a surplus in pitching. Along with the hole in left field, there is also a hole at Shortstop. I beleive if Sandy Alderson addresses these wholes it will be via trade. In left field prime targets could range anywhere from Rockies oft-injured slugger Carlos Gonzalez to Newly Rejuvenated Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. Now if the price tags on these two are too high, then there are smaller targets such as Shane Victorino.

At Shortstop the Mets clearly need an upgrade. Reuben Tejada has been subpar and the im not too high on Wilmer Flores. The ideal option would be Rockies Superstar Troy Tulowitzki. So here is a hail mary attempt at something huge. Deal Dillon Gee,pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard and left field prospect Brandon Nimmo, and bring in Cargo and Tulo. Now realistically this is a very very long shot. But with the shortage in power and need for position upgrades, along with the Mets surplus in pitching, something needs to be done for them to be a legitimate condtender in 2015.


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