All Facets Of The Game: All NBA Team Selections

First Team


  • Chris Paul: Lead the league in assists and steals per game. Also averaged 19 points per and was 2nd in the entire league in offensive rating (124.6). He lead the Clippers to the 3rd seed in the daunted West in hopes of his 1st championship.
  • James Harden: James was the leagues best shooting guard. He was the highest rated shooting guard offensively, 9th overall in the entire league (119.8) & 4th in offensive Win Shares.
  • Kevin Durant: The leagues MVP that not only had an all-offensive type season in the scoring department, improved greatly on the defensive end. KD was 10th overall in Defensive Win Shares (4.4).
  • LeBron James: This will be LeBron’s 7th straight year being a member of the team. He’s still the best player in the world, but did not have the best season in the league this season. True fact: This was LBJ’s worst Defensive Rating of his career (105).
  • Joakim Noah: The glue of the Chicago Bulls. One of the favorites to win DPOY because of finishing 1st in Defensive Rating & 1st in Defensive Win Shares. 4 triple-doubles, while posting career highs in Points, Rebounds & Assists. 12.6/11.3/5.4.

Second Team

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  • Stephen Curry: One of the best offensive stars the league has to offer scored 24 points a game on amazing splits of 47/42/88 percent’s respectively. He not only scored the most points of his career he also assisted 8.5 times per game another career best. He must cut down on the turnovers to make a leap to the 1st team.
  • DeMar DeRozan: One of the leagues best improving players had a very impressive year in Toronto. Another guy with career highs, had them in Points, Rebounds, Assists and Defensive Rating. Helped the Raptors to the 3 seed in the East by playing the 4rd most minutes in the entire league.
  • Kevin Love: Another prolific year for the double-double machine. 65 of them, to the lead he NBA, to be exact. Kevin averaged a career best 4.4 assists to go along with his 26 points a night. He made the 8th most 3’s in the league, he’s a PF, and was 3rd in Win Shares & Offensive Win Shares.
  • Blake Griffin: Arguably the 3rd best player in the league this season, played 1st team ball all season, especially when CP3 was out with injury. Is no longer that much of a liability at the FT line, helping him play more crunch time minutes. He is not just a dunker, he’s the total package.
  • Dwight Howard: The NBA’s best center is on another All NBA team, surprise surprise. His 1st campaign in Houston was much better than last year’s Laker experience and was a big reason Houston was 6th in the NBA in point differential.

Third Team

  • Goran Dragic: My golly was Doran nothing short of great this year. He scored 20 a night at a clip of 50% FG & 40% from 3PT. My 3rd best point guard overall was so extremely valuable for the surprise Phoenix Suns. Up raised his previously high 111 offensive rating to 119 this year which was 13th in the entire NBA.
  • John Wall: The league leader in total assists finally found his place in the league. Wall was a star this season. Wall averaged 19 points a game while assisting on 9 more. ’13-’14 was the 1st season he shot above 29% from 3, this year he shot a very respectable 35.1%.
  • Carmelo Anthony: 2013-2014 was in my opinion, Melo’s best season of his career. Only the 2nd time he’s ever scored 2000 or more points in a season and the 1st time he’s averaged over 8 rebounds per. Not only that, he played the most minutes per he ever has, shot over 40% from 3 and 85% from the FT Line.
  • Paul George: The 2 halves of the season tell 2 different tales of Paul George. The 1st half, had many people discussing a possible MVP candidate, the 2nd, has everyone scratching there heads at his offensive game that has fallen off the planet. That being said, it was his 2nd straight Defensive Rating under 100 (97) and still lead the best team in the West in scoring.
  • Anthony Davis: My pick for Most Improved this season is soon to be a top 5 player in the entire NBA. He was a 20/10 guy while averaging 3 blocks a game, shooting 51.9% from the field, rarely turning the ball over guy is the total package offensively and defensively.

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