NBA Power Rankings

Jesse & I both take a crack at our own NBA Power Rankings here.

@Jessedoyle7’s Power Rankings

1. Los Angeles Clippers – The Clips have a legit title shot this year in my opinion as long as Blake Griffin continues to play at this level with the help of the NBAs current best PG.


2. San Antonio Spurs – Every single year Greg Popovich has been at the helm of this group of veterans they are a legitimate contender to win it all. This year’s 50-16 record is no exception.


3. Miami Heat – The Heat are locked into the playoffs once again, and with LeBron James calling the shots a 3-peat isn’t really that far out of the realm of possibility.


4. Houston Rockets –  There hasn’t been a hotter team since the new year. D12 and Harden are out to prove why they could make a legitimate push at the Western Conference title and possibly more.


5. Oklahoma City Thunder – Right now I think Kevin Durant is the MVP and as long as he can keep that going with solid contributions from Westbrook and Ibaka, as well as contributions from a player I believe to be key, Thabo Sefalosha, this could be OKCs year.


6. Indiana Pacers  – Not saying I don’t believe the Pacers are legitimate, I’m just not convinced when push comes to shove they will be able to overcome the power on South Beach.


7. Chicago Bulls – Playing without the “superstar” Derrick Rose the Bulls have been in one word, impressive. The reason for this? I say look no further than Joakim Noah.


8. Golden State Warriors – Though I do believe they are a ways away from being ready for a deep deep run into the playoffs the Warriors have built one of the best lineup in the NBA potentially for years to come.


9. Dallas Mavericks – A team you don’t think about too much in the realm of things is the Mavs, even though they have captured a title in the last ten years, and Dirk may just not be done adding hardware to that collection.


10. Memphis Grizzlies – With the return of big man Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies have quickly put themselves back into a lucrative position heading into crunch time.


11. Portland Trail Blazers – The hot start the Blazers got to this season may have been too good to be true, but I don’t think you can count the Blazers out just yet.


12. Phoenix Suns – This year Goran Dragic has stepped up to a top 5 point guard level and it is showing with the record of a team that at the beginning of the year would have been placed at the bottom of the division.


13. Toronto Raptors – After unloading Rudy Gay at the beginning of the season it may have looked like the Raptors were throwing in the towel, but with the step up play of Demar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry that is not the case at all.


14. Washington Wizards – Another case of Point Guard supremacy in the Nation’s capital behind John Wall. The play without Nene has been impressive.


15. Minnesota Timberwolves – Not a team that I see being threatening this year, or possibly in the future depending on what happens with superstar big man Kevin Love. Still I admire the play of this squad through all of the rumors and adversity.


16. Charlotte Bobcats – With stellar play from big man Al Jefferson and point guard Kemba Walker, MJ’s squad is starting to build a decent reputation within the Eastern Conference.

17. Brooklyn Nets – After starting out as one of the biggest laughing stocks in the NBA, Jason Kidd’s nets have put up a winning percentage of .600 post December.


18. New York Knicks – I can’t believe I am even putting the Knicks this high on the list, but with a recent winning streak and the addition of Phil Jackson to the front office who knows, there could be surprises in the future.


19. Atlanta Hawks – Another team recently coming off of a painful losing streak that has started to turn it around. Atlanta is hoping to ride out that 8th seed in the Eastern Conference an cruise into the playoffs.


20. Denver Nuggets – A year ago I could safely say that this franchise would be a threat to the entire Western Conference, but after the departure of Iggy, im not sure I will be able to say that again for a while.


21. New Orleans Pelicans – Wow I love what Anthony Davis has become. With the return of Jrue Holiday and a middle of the round pick I think the Pelicans have a lot of promise in their future.


22. Cleveland Cavaliers – As a fan players like LeBron James, and Luol Deng I can not say I am a fan of what Dan Gilbert has done. Now with Kyrie Irving going down this teams ranking can only plummet from here on out.


23. Sacramento Kings – Another team I believe has many reasons, such as big man Boogie Cousins and point guard Isiah Thomas.


24. Detroit Pistons – Alright, is it far enough along in the Josh Smith experiment to prove he is not a 3 man? Regardless fans in the motor city can come out every night and smile at least a little after watching Andre Drummond.


25. Boston Celtics – After losing KG, The Truth, and Coach Doc Rivers  in the offseason the Celtics had enough to worry about, not to mention they have played most of the 2013-2014 campaign without their star floor general Rajon Rondo.


26. Los Angeles Lakers – Uhm, Not Good. Its only being realistic to say that the Lakers have a very long road ahead to return to prominence.


27. Utah Jazz – In all seriousness, you can’t say that you expected much more from the Jazz.


28. Orlando Magic – The Orlando Magic season has been nothing short of Ugly. In reality they have a better chance of having a winning season in the NFL than in the NBA.

retro_logo_200w (2)

29. Milwuakee Bucks – There isn’t much good to say about the Bucks. They do have Brandon Knight and OJ Mayo, That’s a good thing right?


30. Philadelphia 76ers – Michael Carter Williams, that’s about that right

@The_Real_Grande’s Power Rankings

1. San Antonio Spurs – 15th straight 50 win season. One of the best trio’s in history still got it.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder – Missing Thabo & Perk hurts there rotations. But, look, Russ is back to being Russ.

3. Indiana Pacers – Hit a skid in the road but still hold the NBA’s 2nd best record. Andrew Bynum aka the White Knight! Sike.

4. Los Angeles Clippers – Ended there 11 game winning streak in a back-to-back at Denver. Redick & Crawford still remain out.

5.Miami Heat – 3 peat question mark

6. Houston Rockets – Keeping Asik was a great executive decision, but Houston needs consistency.

7. Golden State Warriors – Marc Jackson’s rotations scare me at times, but Golden State has played well of late.

8. Dallas Mavericks – Dallas can flat out play and they have a pretty darn good coach in Rick Carlisle.

9. Portland Trailblazers – The jig is up! 4-6 in there last 10 games. No more LMA MVP talks huh?

10. Memphis Grizzlies – Every team should fear Memphis as a possible playoff opponent.

11. Toronto Raptors – Big Jonas V has played great since the Rudy Gay trade, along with seemingly everyone else in Toronto.

12. Chicago Bulls – Next man up. Continue to get it done under Thibs. Joakim Noah is your DPOY & Taj 6MOY.

13. Phoenix Suns – Bledsoe is back but boy is 6-9 in the West tight. A good team is going to be left out of the postseason.

14. Brooklyn Nets – Deron Williams has rejuvenated this team. They’ve basically been 2 different teams. Who are the real Nets?

15. Washington Wizards – An explosive backcourt with a chance to be special in the future. Wizkids are on the rise.

16. Minnesota Timberwolves – 4th in PPG, 7th in RPG, 6th in APG, but not to much defense is played in Minnesota.

17. Charlotte Bobcats – They’ve been one of the better defensive teams with a star in Al Jefferson on offense.

18. Atlanta Hawks – Kyle Korver is having one of the greatest shooting seasons. Ever.

19. Denver Nuggets – 3-8 in Ty Lawson’s absence. Says it all.

20. New York Knicks – 6 games in a row they’ve won, Phil being introduced on Tuesday. Where do the Knicks go from here?

21. New Orleans Pelicans – Anthony Davis is a top 3 PF on the rise to superstardom. Injury plagued team in NOLA.

22. Cleveland Cavaliers – Kyrie out for 2 weeks will hurt, a lot. Deng has been a disappointment in Cleveland.

23. Detroit Pistons – Joe Dumars is coming back for another year! What exciting news..

24. Sacramento Kings – They released Jimmer, they’re officially doomed.

25. Boston Celtics – Brad Stevens is a GREAT basketball mind. Give it time, Celtic Nation.

26. Los Angeles Lakers – Kent Bazemore starts. Next.

27. Utah Jazz – I hope they can retain Gordon Hayward because he’s a really good player.

28. Orlando Magic – Oladipo has made a strong case at ROTY. Vucevic & Afflalo have been solid.

29. Milwaukee Bucks – Giannis is great at twitter.

30. Philadelphia 76ers – 21 straight losses. They really have taken tanking to a new level.


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